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I am sure anyone would love the idea of cooking outside in the wild. The good thing about being outdoors is that you can enjoy a beautiful sun or a gorgeous starry night as you take your meal.

Cooking over a fire brings together friends and family to enjoy one food in a more relaxing atmosphere. Your food supplies will determine the extent to which you can take your cooking, that is why you need to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies before leaving the house.

Campfire cooking is something that most people enjoy because you interact on a different level as opposed to your routine at home. You only need to be a little creative and have the necessary tools for you to create a memorable outdoor experience for your friends and family.

I had talked about wood in the previous chapter, but maybe I can just weigh in a little to remind you of your source of heat. Wood plays a vital role because it is the most used source of fuel during camping. I would recommend that you use split logs because they are easy to ignite, and they produce the best heat. Hardwoods such as apple, maple, oak or walnut are also good because they burn slowly and produce excellent coals for cooking.