Gourmet Recipes

Unlike vegetarians and dirt baggers, gourmets tend to be a choosier and prefer classy food. Even though the Gourmets would still prepare the same recipes as vegetarians and dirt baggers, they would prefer to add more ingredients or cook the food differently to give it the sweetest taste.

This part of the course looks at some of the best recipes for a camping gourmet. A gourmet always pays attention to the ingredients, and, therefore, focuses on flavor. Spices, herbs, and sharp flavors can substantially transform the dish. Cheese such as Grated Parmesan or Crumbled feta can do wonders for a simple salad. One recipe that a gourmet should prepare at home is the Multi Purpose Baking Mix.

This baking mix is the basis of biscuits, scones, dumplings, and pancakes. Though you can make this recipe at the campsite, it is impractical to carry a big bag of flour together with several other ingredients. In addition, baking tends to be different than cooking because precise measuring is recommended; therefore, you had better prepare the recipe at home.


• One teaspoon of baking soda
• Two teaspoons of baking powder
• Two cups of all-purpose flour
• One teaspoon of sugar
• One teaspoon of salt

Ensure you mix all these ingredients until they are well combined. I mentioned earlier that you need to have a plan, and that plan should map out your entire meal plan. You need to create a menu for each breakfast, lunch and supper.

This way it will be easier and faster for you to write your shopping list. In your plan, consider how the foods will last in your cooler.

Plan to cook the most perishable meals first and finish with the long lasting meals. Also, make your cooking simpler by using the same ingredients for more than one meal, instead of having to carry so many ingredients.

Remember, the quality of your food is going to depend highly on the quality of your ingredients. Always go for the freshest produce you can find, and be very cautious of prepared foods.