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There are several camping stoves available in the market. Most of these stoves can prepare the recipes in this book. Remember, I recommended that you go for something that is durable and high quality. When choosing a stove some factors that you should take into consideration include: a. How many people are going to use the stove and the types of meals you are going to prepare.

Once you determine the number of persons and the kind of meal, you will be able to settle on a stove that is of the right size.

a. A single burner is sufficient for a maximum of two people. However, if you are cooking for a large group or your food needs more heating, then you can go for a multi-burner stove.

b. The kind of trip that you will be taking. Stoves come in different sizes and weight. Therefore, you need to determine your camping demands and settle on a convenient equipment. If you are only two people, you may only need a small stove that can be bag packed.

However, if you are a large group, you may need those large stoves that need to be transported using a bigger car.

c. The weather condition. In case the weather is windy, you may require a stove that has a windscreen. However, if you are going to cook in temperate weather, then you need an ordinary stove. The temperature can determine the fuel to be used. For example, some stoves only work in temperatures above 320F while others work below 00F. In addition, the choice of fuel can be affected by your location. For instance, white butane or white gas can be difficult to find while kerosene is available in most places around the world.

d. Other factors to consider when choosing your camp stove include: ff How sturdy the stove is ff How easy it is to set up the stove.

If the stove requires detailed maintenance:

How easy it is to adjust the heat

How fast the stove lights