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The Basic Box contains good amount of protein, fiber and calories to keep your family member alive for 2 weeks. It also includes some veggies and fruits, and mineral and vitamin supplements. Since it is much cheaper to purchase these items in bulk, you can talk to your neighbors or friends to prepare their basic box also. It is recommended that your basic box should contain enough fiber, calories and protein to keep your family alive for two weeks.

It should contain some vegetables and fruits and have mineral and vitamin supplements. A basic box usually costs around $130 and it takes up the area of two 56 quart storage boxes, with enough space for supplemental items.

As the space and money permits, you can add more items in your basic box. You may pack more calories, vitamins and protein instead of adding more fiber. Add things like dried vegetables and fruit; particularly items like freeze dried cheese, evaporated milk and powdered eggs.

The supplemental items may cost around $50 or more but since you will be purchasing the items in bulk you will be spending less. The amount of foods and supplements that you will pack will depend on how many you are in the family and the age of your relatives.