Lever Action

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The Browning BLR:

When this weapon was first introduced, it set a new standard of horror, because despite its disharmony in design, the BLR is a great lever action firearm. The firearm uses high velocity cartridges and is fed through a box magazine. In the ratchet system of this weapon, the bolt runs backwards and forwards, resulting in an extremely fast as well as smooth operation. The trigger isn’t its most appealing aspect though, but you can live with it. However, the accuracy of the Browning BLR is average.

The Winchester Model 94:

A personal favorite, the Winchester Model 94 is a repeating lever action rifle that instantly became popular when it was first released in 1894. Designed by John Browning, it was the first commercially successful American rifle built, and used smokeless powder to fire. Referred to as the ultimate level action by design, it was the trustiest rifle at the time and still is, to this day.