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Here is where the fun starts as we move onto a beefier caliber. Most people that play for sport don’t like to handle any firearm that uses rounds smaller than a .380, also referred to as a ‘9mm short’. This caliber has recently become popular as many pocket pistols hit the market. This round also happens to be a very controversial one. If you ever feel like trolling at a gun forum, simply ask ‘which type of round is better or has more stopping power, a 9mm or a .380? Then grab some popcorn and watch the arguments begin. It’s quite entertaining.

Pros: A bullet of this caliber has comparatively little recoil and offers good penetration at a close range. While it’s a great carry size for firearms, it’s quite noobish for the standpoint of an experienced shooter.

Cons: While some gun authors and experts believe that the .380 is barely adequate, others say it is barely inadequate. Basically it is quite a low power round before the likes of .22 and .25. The inherent nature of these bullets and the firearms that shoot it are useless beyond close range.