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Remember the popular 9mm round that offers moderate stopping power for its caliber? A .40 is the 9mm’s big, angry brother. This caliber boats massive amounts of stopping power for its rather small size. There are many police and tactical response teams that use these bullets as a standard issue.

Pros: Like some of the bullets discussed above, when someone gets shot it will take them a while to register that they just got hit. But in the case of a .40, while they wouldn’t know what hit them, they will realize it was something really hard. A .40 has maintained its great track record for a long time; it also offers a good range. For a round of such power and range it isn’t very expensive.

Cons: This caliber’s large size and the massive stopping power it sports, also means strong recoil. A lot of people complain about the .40’s kick. But if they had fired the ammo type we are about to discuss, a .40 would seem quite manageable.