History of Firearms

Since early times, various tools helped the formation and growth of the earliest social units and improved their infrastructure. Ever since mankind has begun using tools, weapons have also been the primary focus. For centuries and continuing to this day, firearms have been the most effective weapon man can wield. It has aided civilizations throughout history put food on the table, provide protection, acquire or defend territories and in the enforcement of the law. For millennia, mankind has been fascinated with projectile weapons. It began with hunting animals with spears, bows and then in the middle of the 1250 AD China, with firearms.

But more accurately, it was the invention of gunpowder that resulted in the development of firearms. The first recorded use of gunpowder was over 1000 years ago in Ancient China, but it was primarily used for firecrackers and had limited military weapon applications. As the knowledge of gunpowder slowly disseminated to Europe in the 14th century, it eventually led to widespread military use.

This course, ‘LOCKS, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS’ is about the history of firearms, where they originated and their present day innovations. From there, the readers will learn about the different types of firearms that have commonly been in use, and the most innovative firearms that are in circulation today. Essentially, this book is a one-stop guide and an introduction into the world of firearms.