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The 9mm is the most popular caliber amongst firearm aficionados, also referred to as the ‘9mm luger’ or the ‘9x19mm Parabellum’. 9mm is usually the round most first timer’s fire. They are fun even at medium range and are particularly good for defense. For your information the size of a 9mm bullet is the same as the size of .380 or .38 Special (covered below). The one and only difference is the amount of powder stored behind them.

Pros: This bullet is the smallest round that effectively delivers a hydrostatic shock. The 9mm aren’t expensive and have low recoil. There are numerous weapons of all types that use this ammunition, and can easily hold between 15-17 rounds.

Cons: Because the 9mm is a small round it has very low recoil, which is also an advantage in most single hand weapons, but this also makes a bullet with lower power behind it. While it does have the stopping power for a round of this size, there are far nastier bullets below that the 9mm doesn’t stand a chance against. Apart from that this bullet has very few complaints.