.44 Magnum

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While essentially the .44 magnum rounds are meant for revolvers, there are a few rifles that fire them. Compared to its close equivalents the .38 special and the .40, the .44 magnum round boasts a massive and almost crazy amount of both power and powder behind it.

Pros: Consider this round an equivalent of a sledgehammer. Whatever you hit with this bullet, that thing is a goner for sure. There are few long barreled revolvers that go with this round to offer longer range, accuracy, and efficient delivery of stopping power.

Cons: Newton states that, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Now consider the amount of power this cartridge has and imagine the opposite reaction or recoil this will give off. Let’s keep it short; the recoil of this ammo type is practically insane. This freaky powerful round is absolutely not meant for beginners.