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This type of signal involves building a fire large enough to be spotted from either the sea or the air. Start the fire in a location that is on elevated ground, close to the beach. Light three fires in a triangular fashion as it is universally recognized as a distress signal. Carefully start the fire so that the surrounding area doesn’t catch fire.


Flashing lights are generally used at night to attract attention of those who may be in the vicinity. It involves flashing either a flash light or an emergency strobe.


To create a signal for planes flying over the area, spell out S.O.S using colored clothing, rocks and logs; anything that stands out from the rest of the place.


If you have mirrors, they can be extremely effective in signaling aircrafts, but aiming sunlight at a plane or a ship that is passing by, is tricky.

This concludes the handbook on surviving when a disaster strikes. The techniques of survival found herein are absolute basics; you can further improve your chances of survival in an event of a disaster by taking professional courses in each area discussed above. We hope you never find yourself in such a situation, but you never know when the skills you learn might come in handy. Good Luck!

Note: Most search and rescue parties utilize aircrafts as the primary method of finding people that go MIA.