Protection from Excess Exposure – Shelter

In a survival situation, shelter is important as well. It protects you from natural elements, prolonged exposure to which can harm your wellbeing. Shelter protects you from the sun, rain, wind, snow, hot & cold temperatures and even insects. It will offer a sense of well being and aid you in maintaining your will to live.

Depending on the type of survival situation you are in, shelter may take precedence over your need for water and food. For instance, if you are in cold environment, prolonged exposure in this weather can cause excessive weakening and fatigue, which will result in the person, developing a passive outlook; thus losing their will to live.

The most common mistake in creating a shelter is making it too big. A shelter needs to only be large enough to house and protect you, along with being small enough so it can contain body heat, particularly in cold climates.

Before we can discuss how one can make shelters in a survival situation, one must first choose an appropriate location.