King of Survival – Fire

When one finds themselves in a survival situation, the ability to create a fire could mean the difference between having high chances of survival to practically being nil. Fire has multiple purposes and is one of the most crucial survival accessories.

Fire provides comfort and helps your body battle the elements. It is used for cooking and preserving food but it also provides your body with much needed warmth. In the form of cooked food, it allows your body to save the calories it uses to generate heat.

Another crucial use of fire is purifying the water you procure, sterilizing bandages for first aid, keeping animals and other wild life at bay, as well as creating an S.O.S for signaling a rescue. Fires can also be used to craft tools and weapons if you have the basic skill set required. It also provides a positive psychological boost by providing you with a much needed peace of mind.

Let’s start with the basics.