Fishes are a valuable source of food. If you find yourself near a stream or a river, you can use this alternative to catch food. In a survival situation, you won’t have all the equipment required for fishing so you will have to use a spear or even your bare hands.


Fishing with a spear takes a lot of time, practice and most importantly, patience. Spear fishing is best used in shallow waters where fishes are easily visible. Slowly creep towards the area where you can see them and spear the catch. It’s best to make a forked spear rather than a single tipped spear.


In order for you to succeed in this endeavor, it’s best that you understand the behavior of a fish. You may need to spend a significant amount of time observing the fishes are different times throughout the day before you catch any.

Like all other animals, fishes too, choose places that are comfortable and probably places where they can find their prey. If the weather is hot and the water is shallow, you are likely to find fishes in areas shaded from the sun. In a cool weather, you are more likely to find a catch in shallow places where the sun provides warmth. Fishes also like to shelter themselves below rocks and under banks.

As far as the timing is concerned, the best time is just prior to dawn and after dusk or when the weather is likely to be bad.