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Open and concealed carry have been a sensitive topic for decades. In order to determine which one is more suitable for you, it is essential that you have a better understanding of both. Firstly, it depends on the gun laws and ordinances of the state you live in. Some states only permit concealed carrying while some permit only open carrying, while some have other laws with more restrictions. Following discussion provides tips and techniques about which is the best way of dealing with both concealed and open carry:

Concealed Carry

If you prefer people not knowing that you are carrying a gun with you then you must invest in a holster you are comfortable with and which has no retention devices, meaning you won’t have a problem in quickly grabbing the gun in case of any emergency situation or an attack. However, this also means that anyone who already knows that you are carrying a gun can also grab it as it won’t have any retention devices.

It is easy to conceal your weapon simply by wearing a jacket or a vest on top of your shirt. The best thing to ensure that someone else doesn’t grab your gun is to hide it properly from the public eye. Even though a jacket or a vest isn’t a strong safety option, it is a quick and easy means of ensuring that your weapon is concealed.

Another way of concealing your gun is to carry it in your pocket. If it is a small handgun then it can easily fit in your pocket without letting the public know that you are carrying a gun.

However, it is essential that the external safety is in place in order to avoid accidents. Furthermore, it is also important to make sure that it is the only thing in your pocket. Placing coins or keys in the same pocket will obstruct your gun usage. The best thing would be to get a holster to put your gun in as this will give you a much easy access. Some of the holsters have a strong grip which allows you to draw out your gun while the holster stays in the pocket.

It is always wise to practice drawing out your concealed gun. Majority of the gun carriers neglect doing this and face problems during the time of an emergency. Getting training helps you in learning and understanding what to do during the time of an attack or any emergency. It will help you learn how to properly use the gun without harming yourself or others around you and help you in defending yourself and others in a better manner.

Open Carry

Open carry means that everyone around you knows that you are carrying a gun. Others can determine which gun you are carrying and where exactly is it placed. This actually makes you an easier target and some might even try to grab your gun in case of an attack. Furthermore, in case of an attack, the attacker will target you first. It is essential that you invest in a holster with a retention device. This will enhance the safety of your firearm and prevent others from using it. If you have decided to open carry, you must be prepared to get a lot of attention as people are going to be alarmed at the sight of a gun being openly displayed and might even confront you about it.

The best thing about open carry is that you might be able to carry higher power guns. One essential thing you have to be careful about is your firearm placement and posturing. If you constantly have your hand placed on the firearm, people might take you as a threat. People would want to defend themselves against you and this might cause an accident to happen. This is why it is best to be relaxed and calm when you open carry and avoid placing your hand on the gun all the time.