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In the year 1986, there were merely a total of eight shall-issue states and only Vermont was the state that had no restrictions while the rest of the states were extremely restrictive about concealed carry guns. Nowadays, the situation has drastically changes, there are nine states that have may issue, the rest of the states have become shall issue. The individuals are not only allowed to wear concealed guns but can also open carry.

Heated debates are ongoing regarding gun issues but the issue hasn’t been resolved yet. The District of Columbia had banned all guns in public but it was later declared unconstitutional and D.C. passed an emergency legislature on concealed carry that banned open carry yet permitted concealed carry and may issue permitting.

A Safe Carry Protection Act was passed in Georgia that permitted the citizens with a license to carry concealed weapons in various public places, including churches and bars. North Carolina and Arizona passed similar laws afterwards. Illinois, in 2013, implemented a shall-carry law with extreme law enforcement discretion after previously prohibiting the issuance of permits for concealed carry.

Colorado implemented a detailed background check law. In 2014, Washington passed a ballot initiative for universal background checks. In 2013, Connecticut implemented a gun control law that banned large capacity magazines and assault weapons.