Gun control has been a long ongoing issue in America and open carry is just one aspect of the heated debate. There are numerous gun laws in different states that restrict or forbid individuals to visibly carry a gun in public.

In olden times, Americans used to openly carry handguns in public, but gradually, gun laws were introduced to discourage the usage of firearms. Numerous people and groups believe that it is time that we returned to the old concept of open carry while many believe there isn’t any need for that.

Advocates of open carry seek for the normalization of carrying guns openly and typically carry guns to spread awareness about how unjust the state laws regarding open carry are. Open carry creates challenges for law enforcement agencies as they have to respond to emergency calls from alarmed citizens when they witness individuals openly carrying guns.

There is a dire need to come to a common solution and impose stricter laws and a better control system to ensure a safe open carry environment for the carriers and the individuals in close proximity.

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