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There are numerous gun laws in different states that restrict or forbid individuals to visibly carry a gun in public. Both concealed and open carry laws considerably vary in different states. In some of the states, open carry laws distinguish among long guns and handguns, like shotguns and rifles. A total of seven states, including New York and California, prohibit openly carrying handguns.

In thirteen states, including Utah and Connecticut, a license or a permit issued by the state to carry a handgun openly is required on the person. Nine states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, regulate the individual’s capability of openly carrying a handgun but don’t require a permit or a license. The rest of the 22 states don’t restrict an individual’s right of openly carrying a handgun.

A total of six states, including Florida and California, forbid the open carry of long guns. Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Iowa have restricted the open carry of long guns but haven’t entirely prohibited it. For example, long gun open carry is allowed in Pennsylvania but is forbidden within the city limits of Philadelphia. The rest of the states don’t restrict the long guns open carry but Utah, Tennessee, and Iowa require that the firearm must be unloaded whilst in public.