What To Take

Topic Progress:
When it comes time to leave, make sure you have the following:
  • Car and house keys
  • The bug out or emergency supplies kits— personal and family size
  • A first aid kit
  • Radio, flashlight and batteries for both
  • Map of the local area
  • List of shelters – pet friendly or not
  • Extra bottled water
  • Extra clothing and bedding
  • Any special needs items for children and/ or the elderly
  • The pets with their kits including carrier, food and water
  • A signal to call for help
  • Your cell phone and its charger
  • Any personal sanitation and hygiene materials
  • Cash and coins
  • Descriptions of each member of the family
  • Medical conditions of each member
  • Contact numbers for vets, family physician and specialists
  • Originals and copies of personal identity documents (mainly, your driver’s license). You will need these to claim government fire benefits at shelters as well as to access health services in a crisis.
  • Insurance paperwork. You want to be first in line to get benefits if anything happens, and that’s a lot easier when you have your documents.
  • Bank account numbers, documents, etc.
  • Contact numbers