How To Prevent Wildfires

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To prevent a fire occurring because of your actions requires nothing more than basic common sense. It also helps if you know what you are doing. This does not simply refer to the actual practices. It also indicates your need to talk to the appropriate authorities as well as other informed individuals. Towards this end, it is always an excellent idea to:
  • Contact your local fire department, health department, or forestry office for information on fire laws. Discover whether you can do a controlled burn-off and, if so, when.
  • Talk to your neighbors about wildfire safety. You can learn from them the prevalence of wildfires in your area or neighborhood. They can help you create a viable plan to handle a wildfire.
Getting to know your neighbors is also a wonderful way to discover how the entire neighborhood could work together to help each other prepare for and recover after a wildfire. Everyone can make a list of his or her own skills and special talents. One may be a physician and another could be a metalworker. Together you can come up with plans to help those who have special needs such as elderly or disabled persons. You can also come up with plans to take care of children who may be on their own if parents can’t get home.