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Having a campfire or bonfire can be great fun for friends, family, or neighborhood parties. Yet, you need to follow certain fire safety rules if you want the fire to remain friendly and not turn into a raging wildfire.

  • If you are having a campfire or barbecue, take care to keep control of the flames. • Burn it only in a constructed fireplace or in a trench at least a foot deep.
  • Make sure the area around the fire pit, barbecue or trench is clear of any flammable equipment
  • Never build it close to anything potentially risky such as a clothesline tree or loose branches
  • Make sure everyone—both adults and children—knows how to act around a fire
  • Always watch pets around a fire. It may be a good idea to keep long tailed dogs and fires apart.
  • Never toss fireworks into a fire.
  • Never use gasoline or any other fuel to act as an accelerant—there are safer fire starters for dry seasons!

It is possible to have a good time around a campfire with your family, friends and neighbors without it turning into a fiery fiasco. All it takes is following a few simple rules.