Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink…

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Staying hydrated is the first necessity in any disaster situation. Water is almost everywhere we look… but most of it is unsafe to drink.

If you can’t get potable water directly from a municipal water supply like tap water from the faucet in your home, then you’ll need to get resourceful and think outside the box. Stagnant water that has been sitting in the sun is the last water source you should utilize—even if you boil and filter it! Clear, cool running water is the easiest to purify and filter. Small streams and creeks with moving water are the best sources, even though the water still has to be treated.

You can use the tools that you have with you in your EDC kit to help with your water needs. Keeping a few water purification tablets in your EDC could work for you if water purification is one of your main concerns.

Not everyone carries water purification tablets or filters in their EDC. Some survivalists choose to rely on their ability to find clean water. I have 2 LifeStraws and some water purification tablets in my Get Home Bag and my Bug-Out Bag at all times.

If my travels take me to a harsh environment without a ready supply of water, I’ll carry a decent size water bottle. There are many water bottles you can clip on your belt, or stick in a pocket on your backpack. Extreme environments call for extreme preparedness!