Tools You Should Carry

The Most Important EDC Items Are Your Tools. Which Tools Should
You Carry?

The first tool to consider carrying in your EDC is your primary communication device. For most people this is would be a cell phone. However, like I mentioned earlier, you can’t rely solely on your cellphone to save your life. Sometimes when a cell phone doesn’t have a signal to make calls, the ability to send and receive text messages is preserved. This feature sometimes remains because cellphones send and receive text through data connections and not the voice connection.

Recently, a Texas police chief fell into a well and couldn’t make a call on his cell phone, but was able to use the text feature to notify others that he was trapped in a deadly situation. He survived because he carried a cell phone with him every day.

Not only can a cellphone with an active plan save your life, but a cellphone without service can save your life as well. In the U.S. all cellphones retain their ability to call 911 for emergency situations, even if they are not connected to an active plan.

Even the survivalists who want to stay completely “off the grid” can carry a cell phone to call for help. You can just keep it turned off, not have it in your name, and no one will know you have one.

Since this technology is cheaply available, it doesn’t make much sense to not carry one. Even the most stubborn “old timers” I know are finally starting to carry cellphones.

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of carrying a communication device, lets move onto all the other tools that you’ve been waiting to read about.