Should Your EDC Include a Self-Defense Weapon?

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Just like the previous conversation about survival tools, this is something that is really that is up to you. Everyone will have a personal preference and can feel very strongly about their choices. Some people may prefer to rely on whatever primitive weapons they can pick up and find—like sticks, rocks, pieces of pipe or tube, chains or anything else that can be physically threatening.

However, I choose to rely on something that can level out the playing field if I have that choice. If other people carry rocks, then I’d rather be carrying a bigger rock! You’ll have to consider what you’re comfortable with and then find the best balance of size, weight, cost, lethality and safety.

Whatever weapon you choose to carry daily, make sure you become intimately familiar with exactly how it works. Training, practice and maintenance are the best ways to know how to use your weapon safely without hurting yourself in the process.

At this time go ahead and start thinking about the types of weapons that you have training and experience with, or that you may feel comfortable carrying on a daily basis. We’ll come back to this subject later so we can decide if it’s right for you.