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Cabela’s has a reasonably priced line of tactical clothing that is very functional and not “obviously” tactical in appearance. Tactical clothing often has extra hidden pockets that are arranged more ergonomically than fashionable clothing.

Should You Carry a Bag so You Can Have More Gear?

Most preppers don’t carry a bag for their EDC. Part of the challenge is to see what items you can carry in your pockets. It’s not a bad idea to be over prepared, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what makes you comfortable.

Women have been carrying excess EDC gear for as long as the purse has been invented. Not many women leave home without one, and it’s usually packed full of stuff!

You won’t catch me with a “European man purse” but if you carry a backpack, laptop bag, or courier bag you have a great place to store extra survival items—specifically for items that would be difficult to carry on your body.

If you do carry a bag of some sort on a daily basis, it’s recommended to stay away from anything that is unusual or may stand out.

Military-style bags can make you a target for theft. These bags can alert desperate people that you are prepared and may have items they want. Try to carry inconspicuous bags where you live or travel, often may have stringent laws on carrying weapons. Know what laws you need to follow based on where you’re location is going to be.

Regardless of where you live, travel, work, go to school or run errands, the best EDC items are the tools that will help you scavenge. Tools that have multiple uses, are light weight and thin are the easiest to carry. These will ensure you the best chance of having them on your person when you need them the most.

Where you carry your EDC items…

How you carry your EDC kit is another factor to consider when picking out your items. This is a very flexible factor that is based on your personal preferences. If you find a need for more items than you currently carry, you can solve that issue by modifying your carrying method.

Your clothing is your first method of carrying your EDC items. The number and size of pockets available limit what we carry. To maximize your carrying ability, cargo pants are a great solution. They come in different styles, from tactical to dress casual. Dockers makes a nice dress casual cargo pant.

Woolrich clothing now has an “elite tactical series” of clothing that is well suited to EDC gear. They manufacture everything from blue jeans to dress pants that have flexible waists and hidden pockets.

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Should You Include Food inYour EDC?

For most people the answer to this question would be no. It’s not easy to carry food with you unless you carry some type of bag on a daily basis.

We all know that hunger is not enjoyable, but it takes days for the effects of hunger to leave any lasting physical damage. Hunger is a “wake-up call” to feed your body and it’s a strong survival mechanism not to be ignored.

Lack of food can cause low blood sugar levels. This can negatively affect the brain since glucose (sugar) is the brain’s only fuel. Low blood sugar can impair cognitive function, leaving you unable to think properly in a survival situation. Bad decisions lead to a poor survivability outlook.

The best EDC items to carry are those items that can help you get food. Small barter items such as rings, jewelry, cash, gold and silver coins can be traded for food and water.