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House damage and looting are the two biggest threats after a disaster or during a societal break down. People who have not planned ahead will soon start looking for easy food and water, which is why grocery stores are often the first stores to get looted. However, looters do not stop at essentials and will begin looking for easy targets like your house.

In many cases, people can’t leave their property, even if they want to, because roads are closed or they have a family member that is physically unable to leave. Whether you stay out of choice or circumstances, it will be necessary to dig in and defend your property.

It is impossible to predict all of the circumstances that may occur, but looting is almost a certainty. Some people suggest placing random trash around the yard to give the impression the house has already been looted. That may or may not work. Your best options are bolting plywood to the windows, leaving yourself a view and lookout, booby-trapping the doorways, and arming yourself with both non-lethal items and firearms