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Three weeks seems like a long time, but disaster recovery often takes that long and much longer. There are some things to keep in mind.

Food and water needs to be rationed beginning week 3

  • Inventory food
  • Eat spoilable food first
  • Eat available natural foods (i.e. garden vegetables)
  • Calculate food portion sizes for children and adults based on revised expected length of emergency situation
  • Distribute food based on the plan
  • Collect additional food and water whenever possible and add it to the inventory

If winter is approaching, prepare well in advance
Assist the community with recovery because everyone benefits when people work together

  • Volunteer at food and water distribution points
  • Work with community sanitation efforts
  • Check on neighbors, especially the elderly and infirmed

Unfortunately, it is important to not tell people that you have stored food and water. As is discussed in the next chapter, tensions rise during a disaster or crisis and people can act irrationally when desperate. You do not want to put your family in danger by letting others know you were well prepared. That encourages looters.