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Stockpiling food, water, and supplies helps for a certain period of time, but a long term situation presents new challenges. The consequences of disasters can endure for months, and if your supplies were designed to last for weeks, there must be options.

Emergency rations distributed by disaster recovery workers will be inadequate over the long term, and municipal water supplies may be erratic, even if the power is restored.

When you plan for a long term disaster, you will need to think in terms of self-sufficiency.

Renewable Water Source

  • Learn natural purification methods like solar pasteurization
  • Construct a rain catchment system
  • Rain barrel system
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Install a water storage tank

Sustainable Food Source

  • Plant a garden
  • Build a greenhouse
  • Learn long term storage techniques, i.e. freeze drying, canning, freezing, drying, preserving
  • Collect natural, local foods like berries and fruits
  • Learn to cook using native vegetation as much as possible