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A disaster danger few folks consider is identity loss. Today, we rely on social security numbers, bank codes, driver’s license numbers, etc…in order to positively identify ourselves. Losing your driver’s license or ATM card can make it near impossible to accurately represent yourself… as yourself. Unlike your everyday routine, if you lose any of these identification items while bugging-out and evacuating, you will not simply be able to replace them. You may easily find yourself unable to access your bank account or identify yourself to authorities. This is a situation you definitely want to avoid in a potentially tense, high–intensity environment like the one you’re likely to face.

Taking preventative action often involves thinking outside–the–box. A great example in this case would be the utilization of strategically sewn pockets. An old smuggler’s tactic which is of great value in hectic situations, this strategy involves sewing small pockets into the interiors of shirts, jackets, pants, etc…This way, you cannot have any important items “slip away” or “fall off/ out” while you are pre–occupied with something else. A safe bet involves photocopying important identification materials, folding some cash and adding a pre-paid phone card into a small rectangular pocket. Sewing this little “stockpile” into a sleeve or a pant leg is the only sure way of retaining small physical items which you must have on you at all times.


Scanning sure does make life easier. No more trips to pick up a document, take it elsewhere to get it notarized and so forth. Now you can simply scan a document, save it to your portable drive, and have a lifetime’s worth of identification, financial, medical or any other sort of records, available to you at a moment’s notice. Scanning your important documents eliminates the need for hiding and storing them some place specific. It is simply enough to make a few copies once you have made the necessary scans. Scatter your spare drives about so that even if one is lost, you always have access. Also, make sure to password code your portable drives in case of loss.

Here is a comprehensive list of items you can scan which you may need:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Prescriptions (List of prescriptions, types, doctor names & contact info.)
  • Proof of residency (Mortgage bill/rental agreement.)
  • Renters/home owners insurance.
  • Life insurance policy.
  • List of credit cards.
  • Family photos for identification.
  • Children’s fingerprints.
  • Children’s school registration info.
  • Pet registration.
  • A copy of each bill—utility, mortgage, car insurance (or a list of each and the account # and contact info.)
  • Phone number and personal info of out– of–town contact person.