Being ready to go

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Being Ready–To–Go

Bugging–out as a term should make us think of a fly or a mosquito, flying away at the first hint of danger. That is where we need to be mentally in terms of disaster preparation and in relation to our bug–out bags. We have to be ready to fly off at the first sign of trouble. We have to have that level of detachment from our possessions, home, and comfortable venues.

We have to be ready to move almost immediately. This is why the creation of a bug–out bag is not only physical, but mental preparation as well. By building our own bug-out bag from scratch, we will go through the steps of preparation and have the time to analyze the value of each item in detail. This will in turn allow us to feel safer and more relaxed once we do “bug-out”, as we will know that we are equipped with everything we need. In case you choose to purchase a pre–assembled bug–out bag, make sure to thoroughly analyze its contents to make sure you are in possession of every item you may need.