Disaster Scenarios

Mental Preparedness

Do you prefer hurricanes over riots? Would you rather deal with an earthquake or nuclear fallout? Wildfire or blizzard? Angry, starving mob or stark raving mad police state? The choices presented by disasters are never appealing. In a perfect world, most of us would choose “none of the above” for every question posed.

Unfortunately, this is not reality. Reality is one or more of these events happening to you sometime in your life. In the case of some folks living in disaster prone areas, such as California’s San Andreas Fault, multiple and repeated brushes with disaster are likely. Being ready for what may occur is by–far the most important part of the preparation equation. Actual disasters leave little time for analysis and/or planning. When a disaster hits, we have to be ready to move right away. The time for thinking and preparing is today. That way, we are not stuck in the mud come tomorrow.