Automatic Holsters

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SAFARILAND 6390 Safariland is legendary for making strong and dependable holsters that can outlast their user in most cases. The 6390 is one of their duty holsters and is fitted with a thumb activated retention device. This means the weapon cannot be drawn unless that thumb release is activated. The 6390 has a wide number of different mounts so the holster can be worn in a variety of configurations. The 6390 is available for a wide of different pistols including Glocks, S&W, and SIG SAUER weapons.

5.11 THUMBDRIVE A budget option that is still considered a quality holster is the Thumbdrive holster. This holster uses a similar thumb release device as the Safariland. The holster is entirely polymer kydex, and like the Safariland is capable of being mounted in a variety of configurations. The holster is available for most popular pistols as well.