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The sling portion applies to both the AR and AKM series, as slings are rarely weapon specific. Slings essentially come in three varieties, single point, two point and three point. Each sling has its advantages and disadvantages.

Single points

Single points tend to be the most maneuverable and work well with body armor and tactical vests. However, they also tend to bounce around when you are using your hands for something else. With a single point you should try and keep one hand on the weapon. They excel for use with short weapons, like carbine AR 15s and AK 47s

Two points

Two points are very traditional and simple. They are versatile and allow the weapon to be carried cross body, over the shoulder or on the back easily. They allow you to drop the weapon and the sling will hold in place well. For two points I suggest a tactical two point, not a field or hunting two points.

Three points

Three points are the most retention friendly. They are also a mess of straps that easily entangles in other gear. They make carrying large weapons like a full size AR 15s a bit easier.

A few examples for easier shopping.

  • Single Point- Magpul MS3 Single point
  • Two Point- VTAC MK2
  • Three Point- Blackhawk universal swift swing.