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A good duty handgun should always be used to complement a rifle. The fact they can be concealed with ease is their major advantage. Even a full sized pistol can be effectively so concealed without much difficulty, A good handgun should be reliable, powerful, accurate, and of good quality.

So what are some good handguns? Well within the last decade concealed carry has exploded and more and more people are buying handguns. While this has spawned mostly smaller pistol for concealed carry, it renewed the pistol as an American icon. This resurgence has generated numerous new pistol designs, including duty-sized weapons.

Now what I mean by duty sized weapon is a large, preferably double stack weapon, with nice big sights, similar to what the police and military carry. Often a useful feature is the inclusion of a rail system to allow the mounting of a good flashlight. This allows a more successful nighttime engagement while still having two hands on the weapon. Handguns come in two flavors, the automatic, and the revolver, we’ll look at both now.