Op Sec

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Op Sec, aka Operational Security should be practice at all times, post and pre collapse, disaster, shtf scenario.

Ever hear the saying ‘Loose lips sink ships?’ that is a saying originating during the Great War. Essentially is Sailor Bob tells his wife battle plans, Misses Bo’s wife may innocently tell another, and another, and another, until someone unfavorable mentions it and bad things happen to Sailor Bob and his ship.

So how does Op Sec affect you? Well first off it comes down to your preps. You are prepared, you have invested your time and hard earned money into purchasing food, water, weapons, ammo, etc, and it is yours. If you start telling people about all your preps before the situation gets rough it seems pretty innocent. You’re not bragging, perhaps just sharing a hobby, or trying to convince another the importance of prepping.

However if the situation gets bad, and those people get desperate, well, hungry people are desperate people. Desperate people do desperate things out of fear, and your closest neighbor could become a threat overnight. So your preps should be hush hush, and your family should be aware of the need for discretion. Avoiding a threat means is not a threat, and provides a much happier life for you and yours.