Home security is a serious issue for preppers. When it comes to security in general one really cannot be ‘too’ prepared. It can’t be ignored we all have our bug out plans. As a community we’ve made such a hoopla about bug out bags it’s pretty much what we are known for. Bugging out can be a very viable plan, especially those living in major cities, or even not so major ones. Even a small city could become a frenzy of riots, and lack of food, so bugging out has it’s place. Well, what if your plans are to bug in? To ride out the coming storm in your own home?

Clearly this is a safer, and potentially easier option, especially for those with families. You can bunker down, arm up, and live on more than the supplies you can carry on your back. This is still a viable option.

The main problem with being bugged in is the potential for violence from individuals, gangs of thieves, and any kind of other nor do wells seeking to liberate your preps, your guns, and your life from you.

Your bug in location needs to be defensible, and this is from both violent threats, and the threats that are simply your traditional burglary.

You may have to leave home for one reason or another, and this may leave your preps unprotected, and perfect for a desperate thief. You do have to occasionally sleep as well, and the chances of a sneaky burglar are quite low, but desperate people do desperate things.