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Believe it or not there is a lot of things you can do around the house to improve your security that do not require any money to do so.

Some of it maybe common sense for those out there with security on the brain 24/7. Some people maybe doing things that make them unsafe without even realizing it.

Locking up the tools

So when it comes to security it’s critical that you plan ahead. You see once you begin focusing on securing your home you may get tunnel vision and ignore the security needs outside the home. Tools, are excellent to break into home, a sledgehammer can deal with most doors, a crow bar can pry and we all know what a chainsaw can do. When you lock up your home, it may be in vain if someone has access to your own tools.

Clearly the idea is that you must lock up your tools, especially the ones that can aid in breaking and kicking down your door.

Do Some trimming

Do you have high bushes? Garden variety or all natural? I suggest trimming anything that’s tall enough for someone to hide behind. Any thief worth his merit is going to be terrified of wide open spaces, and open fields of observation.

In Afghanistan we used open fields as a security measure for our patrol base. The effective range of AN AK 47 in trained hands in around 300 meters, and we have in over 300 meters in open visibility.

Coming across an open field leaves one immensely vulnerable and easy to spot and for a violent attacker makes them easier to shoot if necessary.