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If you look online, you’ll find an endless barrage of chicken coop layouts to choose from. Often, people just choose the first layout that they can find. This is a mistake. Try and spend some time to find a layout that best suits your situation.

First, choose a layout corresponding to the number of chickens you have or that you expect to raise in the near future. It is very important to choose a layout that you can build easily and efficiently. Try to stay away from those chicken coops that need to be built by highly skilled professionals because this will consume more time and effort.

Make sure you choose a layout that is appropriate for your residence. Some people think that they can fit a large chicken coop in a small yard, but they forget that they need a space for the hens to roam. The small yard could be very crowded with these hens.

After you settle down to a specific design, you need to collect all the parts before assembling them together. Measure them correctly to ensure that they fit. This is a very important step because sometimes, people miss-measure and this leads to problems in assembling. When you double-check your measures, you will be able to proceed with the assembly with no problems.

Assembling your chicken coop shouldn’t be hard. It is a simple process that can get a bit tedious because of the many details. All you really need to know are these details and the assembly steps you need to take. At that point, you are good to go. Make sure that you have all the needed tools around you as this will help you concentrate on your work.

When you build your chicken coop, you should make sure that you are securing your chickens against outside hazards like predators and weather conditions. When it comes down to predators, chickens face many, but protecting them is very easy. First of all, try to use a more rugged construction with no loose ends and separation between different parts of the coop, so that the predators cannot get inside.

Small predators like weasels can get inside through very small spaces, so you need to make sure that your coop is tight enough to defend your chickens against such predators. Raccoons have a different route to attack your chickens and this is digging through the ground. You can insert wire mesh deep in the ground just to make sure that your chicken coop is fort-strong.

These three factors will most greatly influence good production of chicken meat and eggs. The hen needs light in order to start eating and needs constant amount of feed in a clear place in order to eat constantly. It needs a good amount of water in order to keep eating. Providing these three factors in adequate amounts will help the hen reach its maximum production soon.

Feeders should be located in clear places and they should be fixed. In this way the chickens cannot flip it easily and spoil all the feed. The same goes for the water, but the water needs to be in confined containers, so that the hens cannot stand inside the water and contaminate it.

Light should be supplied in adequate amounts for the hens depending on what you are raising the hens for. For example, if you are raising chickens for meat, then you will light up the coop as long as possible. This is usually 23 hours per day in certain ages, so you need to equip the chicken coop with sturdy light that can resist the harsh environment inside the coop.