Beyond Gardening Tools

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This is precisely the sort of power you can attain by arming yourself with the right information. Your tools will go far beyond simple gardening tools. Your most valuable tool will be information and knowledge. The key piece of information when it comes to seed is a bit counterintuitive for most beginners. It is easy to grasp once we break it down, however. So, let’s do that immediately.

If you have ever spoken to experienced gardeners they all hate pests. A pest is a healthy garden’s worst enemy. A pest can be a germ or a plant-eating virus. A pest can be a local animal which eats your crops. A pest can be something living in the soil or an external factor which contaminates your growing environment. There are endless arrays of pests that can kill your garden and render your valuable seed useless.

Well guess what? There is also one great and very valuable pest, one which will help you to protect, preserve, extract, store and maximize your seeds and help feed your family while others starve to death.