What Is A P.E.S.T And How Can It Save Your Family?

PEST is an acronym. It stands for: Preservation, Extraction, Storage and Trade of seeds. If you can master PEST, not only will you survive, but you will also thrive.

Mastering the PEST technique will help you feed yourself and your loved ones. Manage your seeds so that your plants, fruits, vegetables and sprouts renew each season and even learn to extract the economic benefits from your seed supply.

But before we break PEST down and analyze each crucial segment, let’s spend some time discussing the essential seeds that you will need to become familiar with. Many of these seeds are already familiar to you in their end-product forms. This list will help get you brainstorming on which seeds you will want to acquire and which seeds best suit you and your family’s needs.

This list is by no means exhaustive and limited. There are many more types of seeds out there and part of the fun of this project is stretching the boundaries of your knowledge and adding more seeds to your initial list. The following seeds were chosen were based upon their yield quantities, ease of growth, nutritional content and the time of year that they should be planted.

This part of the report may be a little bit dry and academic. Stick with it. It is very important to understand the conceptual background of the issues involved. Familiarizing yourself with the seeds which are most efficiently grown will only make your job easier once you begin.