AGA Exclusive | John Nettles Interview

Here at the AGA, we are always striving to provide our members with the high-quality and relevant content that you need to safely and responsibly exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. This week, we are thrilled to announce Tim Larkin’s exclusive interview with John Nettles.

If you’re not familiar with John Nettles, you want to be. He has over 30 years of experience as a member of the US Army Special Forces, as well as with the private security industry. John has worked around the world in some of the most high-risk areas any of us can imagine, including the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and Southwest Asia.

John has a wealth of knowledge to share after his experiences as a Long-Range Surveillance Team Leader, Special Forces Team Sergeant, and Counter Terrorism Force Leader. He has been active in leadership positions since the Gulf War, eventually becoming a resource in all areas of Special Operations, from tactical to national level areas.

Currently, John works on Kidnap for Ransom cases, recovering people from the far reaches of the earth. He also trains members of US Special Operations on close quarter battle, shooting, sniper operations, and planning.

John is an expert in his field, and we are excited to bring this interview to you, in which Tim asks him questions on behalf of our members. John weighs in on topics such as why you carry a gun, advice on your first handgun purchase, and shotguns as home defense weapons.