Use the Correct Type of Ammunition for Your Firearm

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Part of being a responsible gun owner is knowing the right ammunition for your weapon. Make sure to read all warnings in the gun’s instruction manual and ammunition boxes to avoid any foolish mishaps. All it takes is one improper cartridge to destroy your weapon or cause injury, so take the small amount of time to discern that you are using the correct ammunition. Using wrong ammo for your weapon has serious consequences ranging from permanently destroying a gun to causing you or others significant personal injury. Make sure that the ammo you use is of the correct specification as outlined in your gun’s instruction manual.

Firearms are created with standards that are based upon factory loaded ammunition. Due to this, ammunition that deviates from these standards can be dangerous and cause serious damage to weapons and shooters alike. Classic examples of such ammunition are hand loaded or reloaded ammo that have pressures which differ from factory loads. Make the wise choice and avoid using reloads and ammunition that are comprised of unknown components.

Moreover, ammunition that has become wet ought to be disposed of safely. Further, avoid spraying solvents on your ammunition or placing ammunition in overly lubricated guns. These conditions can cause damage to your weapon, yourself and others, while your gun’s performance may suffer as well.

If you examine each and every cartridge that you put into your weapon, you will be taking the necessary steps toward preventing damage to your weapon and yourself.