Primitive Bow Hunting Strategies and Tips

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  1. Try to be efficient by using strategy. After all, your brain is your biggest advantage while hunting prey. Know your prey. Know when they are most active and where they go to eat. For example, if you are trying to hunt rabbits, it is helpful to know where carrots are nearby. A rabbit will be there if you are patient.
  2. The previous advice ties into the next step: Be patient. Hunting with a bow is a strategy that demands patience and preparation. You need to hone your mental skills to always be prepared to outlast and outsmart your prey.
  3. In the meantime, be sure to practice your archery skills. In a survival setting, your livelihood depends on a good shot that will not spoil the meat, and it isn’t as simple as shooting at a stationary target. Your game will be on the move, so you need to be confident in your bow arm. When training, shoot at a distance that is further than you would normally take the shot. For example, if you would prefer to shoot at 25 yards, double it when you practice. That way, you will be confident in your accuracy because it has been honed through a more difficult training regimen.
  4. Stay positive! Hunting for survival is largely a mental state, and when you don’t have a lot of gear, your mind will always be your greatest asset. You need to have confidence in your ability to survive, so always stay positive and believe in yourself when you are getting ready to take your shot.
  5. In addition to staying positive, don’t overthink your shots. If you are a practiced archer hunting live prey, don’t give yourself more than 5 seconds to acquire your target. Do the same in practice, so that the adrenaline rush of seeing live game will not cause you to overthink thinks and botch your shot.

While there are plenty of other hunting and bow strategies that will maximize your efficiency, this guide has shown you what it takes to create a survival bow and survival arrows that will drastically enhance your chances of surviving and thriving in the wild. Good luck, and stay safe with your new survival bow!