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French Lop (no max listed): This breed is a combination of the English Lop and Flemish Giant. It was established in France in the early 1900’s. Lops have ears that droop from the head, and the French Lop is no different. It has a wide range of varieties of colors, and can be found in solid or broken coloring.

The French Lop should be bred 9 months of age, and should have its first litter by the time it is one year old. At one year, the pelvic bones fuse together making natural birth extremely difficult for this rabbit; and having a litter prior to this helps shape the pelvic bones to fuse correctly to allow natural birth. At 3 years, Does should be retired from breeding.

Adults have a minimum weight of 10 lbs and are often heavier. They’re known for their large litters of 9 or more kittens on average.