Cinnamon: The Cinnamon rabbit is a relatively new breed created on accident by two kids of a rabbit breeder. It is a combination of Chinchilla, New Zealand, Checkered Giant, and Californian. Created in 1964, it became an established breed in 1972.

The Cinnamon rabbit is most widely recognized by it’s unique coloring. It is a cinnamon color with dark brown around the ears. It’s body has a uniform grey ticking along it’s back, and its feet and mouth appear to be a darker color than the rest of the body. It also has erect ears. They range in weight from 8-11 pounds, and have average litters of 9 kittens.

They are well–suited to being pets as well as being raised for their coats and meat.

Since these are not the most common meat rabbits, the fur of these may catch a higher price.