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Knowledge is Power, and knowledge is half the battle, and knowledge is this and that am I right? Knowledge weighs nothing, and learning new skills is cheaper than buying new gear. You’d be surprised at the amount of information you can find useful for survival in your everyday library.

This includes books simply on survival, including trapping guides, foraging guides, and even self-defense guides. On top of that you can find emergency medical guides, first responder guides, and a variety of military medical manuals.

Of course traditional military manuals are often very easy to find and can provide a host of useful information. It’s doubtful many people will pay attention to a library as well. Not much in a library incites riots and looting, so the building may be untouched and provide an excellent shelter in emergencies.

These three places listed are only some of the most common urban forage areas. Different parts of the country and different cities will have a different variety of places to forage and salvage from. These places can be everything from junk yards, recycling centers, and even odd places like day care centers most will simply glance over. Keep an open, and adaptable mind, also evolve to your environment, and think outside the box.