So natural foraging has been around forever and it’s always been a popular survival skill. This form of foraging is often done in a rural environment, and can rarely be done in an urban environment. However here in foraging 2.0 I want to address the Urban forager.

The ability to locate useful supplies in an urban environment. This can be used to use to supplement your preps, supplement natural foraging, or just survive. Now Urban foraging aka foraging 2.0 is the process of finding and utilizing both food supplies and survival supplies.

Of course in a disaster situation it is pretty much a guarantee that grocery stores, hardware stores, gun stores and the like will be stripped bare of their wares, or be extremely well protected. Urban foraging is the way to locate places people may not have considered off the bat.

Let it be said I am not encouraging looting, or thievery. However survival being what it is I am suggesting you do what’s required to live until the situation can be rectified. This does not involve harming others, unless they have harmed you, and does not involve looting or rioting.