• Gun Safety and Your Children
    Any gun owner will tell you safety is the highest priority. This is especially true with gun owners who have children. Children are naturally curious, and often much […]

  • If you want to learn how to reload a handgun, you’re in the right place. This article will focus particularly on how to reload a semi-automatic and a revolver.

    Along the way, you’ll also learn how to tell whe […]

  • Once again, we find the media abuzz with discussions, debates and opinions on America’s mass shootings problem.

    A simple Google search shows the media is strongly divided on the matter. The most raging debates f […]

  • Most movies and television shows make accurate shooting look easy. However, in reality, accurate shooting isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

    In fact, both new and practiced gun enthusiasts regularly work to i […]

  • Everyday carry (EDC) is essentially a group of items people carry with them on a daily basis, either in their pockets or handbags.

    These are meaningful, necessary and valuable items, such as keys, phones, […]

    • I bought a p365 tech pack and it came with three 12 round magazines it’s very concealable in an ankle inside the waistband or pocket it’s the best micro 9 mm that I have tried out I give it five stars out of five because it shoots beautifully and very reliable

  • What do you do when someone has a gunshot wound?

    Accidents and attacks do happen. The moment can be overwhelming when the time comes, but you can be prepared with proper education.

    That’s where this article c […]

  • In the wake of every mass shooting in America, we see a widening divide in the population. On one hand, mental illness is used as a scapegoat. On the other, gun culture takes the blame.

    In response to the latest […]

  • Most gun owners understand the importance of safely maintaining and storing their firearms. But what about ammo?

    Storing ammo is just as important for safety and maintenance. If ammunition is poorly stored, it […]

  • In response to the recent mass shootings, gun control advocates are rising once more with demands for stricter gun laws.

    The media – like the population it feeds information (and misinformation) to – seems […]

  • Operating a firearm can be intimidating for novices, especially considering the potential damage if something goes wrong.

    For this reason, the best way to learn to shoot a firearm safely and effectively is with a […]

  • One of the most important concerns of modern times is disaster survival. This is mostly because disasters can strike suddenly and cause chaos and damage.

    Whether they’re a result of nature or man-made, the only o […]

  • What’s In My Range Bag?
    When I’m just running around town, I rarely have much more with me than my wallet, flashlight, gun, extra magazine, and knife. When I go shooting, though, the contents of my range bag sta […]

  • When gun owners travel with their firearms, they should have two primary concerns: safety and lawfulness.

    Responsible gun owners are generally aware of firearm safety and practice it diligently and consistently. […]

  • Cleaning your handgun is the best way to prevent injury to yourself and damage to your firearm. For this reason, handgun owners should regularly inspect and clean their guns to keep them operating properly and […]

  • In the past 25 years, there has been a drastic increase in the amount of active shooter situations in the United States.

    An active shooter is considered a person who intentionally engages in killing or attempting […]

  • We have smartphones and smartwatches. But now some are calling for guns to be smart too. In 2016, Obama called for the study and development of smart guns.

    But what are they and why are they important?
    What are […]

  • Some people are reluctant to buy used guns.

    Though they’re generally less expensive than new firearms, used gun purchases come with a bit of a higher risk. However, if gun owners are willing to put in the extra e […]

  • Visiting a shooting range as a beginner can be exciting, but also a little intimidating.

    Ranges provide an excellent and controlled environment for shooting practice for all levels of expertise, but especially […]

  • Women who live alone might seek additional protection when it comes to safety. And while home invasion crime is often deterred by locked doors and windows, sometimes, intruders manage to get in and the results can […]

  • The world can be intimidating at times, especially with political unrest and natural disasters adding to the mix.

    Not everyone is 100% comfortable with carrying a gun – nor is it always the most appropriate home […]

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