• In 2016, we gave you a guide to the best hunting rifles of the season.

    However, we realize in the 3 years since then, a lot of new rifles were introduced; making our older article outdated.

    Thus, we figured it […]

    • All of the links you provided here for the guns at Brownells shows all of these guns are discontinued at Brownells and no price for any of them.


  • Rifle slings have been around since the first rifles were issued, and there’s a good reason for that– in fact, there are quite a few.

    Firstly, using a rifle sling makes it far easier to carry your firearm. You […]

  • Many gun owners participate in everyday carry as a means of protection, empowerment, and readiness. Some wonder if they’d be even better prepared by carrying a backup gun.

    There are both benefits and drawbacks t […]

  • Ask anyone with a survival mindset – no everyday carry (EDC) kit is complete without a knife.

    So, to help you complete your survival kit, we thought it would be a good idea to help you pick the perfect EDC k […]

  • There is a definite difference when it comes to compact pistols vs. full size, and most gun enthusiasts agree that size does matter in this case.

    Generally, the purpose and how a gun owner intends to use a […]

  • If you’re looking for an overview on crossbows, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn

    The different parts of a crossbow
    How to load and fire a crossbow
    5 beginner crossbows to choos […]

  • Those who carry handguns on their person definitely need a holster as a gun accessory. However, a holster is not just a means of carrying your gun.

    It protects your firearm from the elements and typical wear and […]

    • Another option is the belly band. That’s actually what I use and it works great. You can easily position the holster where you want to be able to draw and it’s completely unnoticeable.

    • Don’t forget about the shoulder holster. I have one and it makes it easy to conceal your firearm under your arm and still makes it easy to draw as well. I could also still fire the weapon in an emergency situation while still holstered if I had to because the holster allows the trigger to remain exposed. As I said though this is only in an emergency situation such as somebody attacking you from behind and you need to get a shot off as quickly as possible. Need to make sure that none of your body can be hit when you fire as well.

  • Nearly all gun owners agree the safest place to store firearms is in a professional, lockable gun safe.

    Gun safes provide the greatest amount of protection for hiding firearms and preventing unauthorized users […]

  • Most gun owners learn and train to shoot with a two-handed grip on their firearms, as it increases the chance of accurate and successful shooting. However, there may be situations in which this isn’t possible a […]

  • Concealed carrying a weapon is understood to mean a citizen holds a permit to have a hidden gun on their person in public.
    There is no federal regulation for concealed carry, laws for concealed carry are set forth […]

  • For gun owners, there are occasions where you must travel with a firearm or leave your gun in your car. As with any firearm situation, safety of the gun owner, weapon, and others should be the highest […]

  • Purchasing guns can be exciting as a hobby or sport, yet also as an investment. For this reason, simply purchasing a gun without considering the essentials for storing, cleaning, maintaining, and properly […]

  • All good things come to an end, even firearms. When it comes time to sell a gun, you may be wondering about the proper steps to take. There are some legal hoops you have to jump through and if you don’t, law e […]

  • Buying your first gun can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. There are a variety of options, from specialized hunting rifles to pocket pistols for everyday carry and protection.

    For this reason, it’s i […]

  • Manipulating the trigger of a gun properly is something many people are unaware of when it comes to mastering aim.

    Most gun enthusiasts and experts agree trigger control is essential when it comes to accurate […]

  • Given recent events in Texas and Ohio, we thought it was time to take another look at defensive shooting tips that could save your life in an active shooter situation.
    Choose the Right Firearm for […]

  • An important skill every gun owner should master is how to shoot with both eyes open.

    This might seem like a strange concept to you. When we first start shooting, we typically make a point of closing our […]

  • You’re looking down the sight of the gun in your hands. Taking aim, you inhale deeply, pull the trigger and slowly exhale.

    An ear-splitting boom penetrates your skull and reverberates through your sternum. The b […]

  • Sit back, relax, and have some fun with this list of famous guns in movies. We’ll see some of our favorite guns and which movies they show up in.

    Let’s jump in…
    1. The Model 29
    “Go ahead, make my day.” Clint E […]

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