Proper storage will help in preserving your gun as well as ensure the safety of everyone in your household.

Guidelines for Storing Your Gun at Home

Rule #1: Use a gun-locking device.

Before storing your gun, it’s best to have a device that will make it inoperable, such as a trigger lock.

Rule #2: Store your gun in a safe place.

Keep guns away from children and limit their accessibility so they can only be accessed with your permission. Keep them locked in a cabinet, drawer, or vault.

Ideally, get a proper gun safe.

There are many options available on the market, from large, extravagant safes to easy- access bedside safes and even smaller ones that can be hidden in a locked closet or cabinet.

Ensuring your gun is stored in a safe place is the most important part of storing your gun at home.

Using a gun-locking device is a back-up safety measure.

Getting a proper gun safe should arguably be the first investment you make. If you have to sit with a cheaper DIY cleaning kit and a makeshift case/ range bag to start with so you can afford the safe, do so.